Order of the Eastern Star, Ohio District 3

About the 66 Club


   The object of this club shall be to promote better acquaintanceship of each member with it's fellow members and co-workers, thereby increasing friendship; and as a result, adding greatly to the benefits each derives from his contact with the O.E.S.

   Membership is open to all male members of the Order of the Easter Star of District 3, in good standing. This club is governed by it's Constitution and Bylaws which spell out the requirements for Officers, their Duties, a Board of Trustees and number of minimum required meetings. Roberts Rules of Order shall prevail except wherein the Constitution and Bylaws are stated to the contrary.

The primary functions of the 66 Club are honoring; the Worthy Matrons of District 3, the Deputy Grand Matron of District 3, and the Worthy Grand Matron of Ohio, which by recommendation and vote of membership present, may be combined into a single event. Required functions include an annual meeting to elect it's officers and installation of officers. Other functions may be arranged as the club president deems advisable.



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